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20$ SuperDollars


  • 100% Cotton linter pulp paper
  • Watermark embedded into the paper
  • The 20 on the bottom left of the front of the bill is printed using color-shifting metallic flecks
  • Infrared emulation on border to trick some vending machines
  • Security strip will glow green when exposed to UV light
  • Dont reacts to the ammonia, So pass the pen detector.


  • The infrared detector normally detect our notes. (Sometimes not)
  • We use 10 different serial numbers so some are repeated (in each order)


  • These notes are produced in Asia, are the highest quality possible also known as "SuperDollars".

Ways to spend:

  • Small casinos, gambling machines, vending machines, small Western Union offices, etc... Use your imagination



( and anonmail have some problems so we change again the email, but the PGP is the same).

If you have any question check our FAQ.

Shipping from France ; Stock: Available


Min order: 25 Notes
Regular shipping included

25 notes: $250
50 notes: $440
75 notes: $550
100 notes: $690
150 notes: $990
200 notes: $1280
250 notes: $1500
300 notes or more:
$5,5 per note